Welcome to the home page of Complex Systems and Molecular Sensors group at the Center for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Our work follows two themes. One is the development of sensors to sense various molecules (hence the word Molecular Sensors in the title) for bio/chemical applications and the other is to understand the molecular sensing process in terms of robustness to interference or perturbation. The robustness often emerges as a consequence of complexity in sensor design and(or) in sensory signal processing (hence the word Complex Systems in the title). Examples of complexity in sensor design could be our olfactory receptors which enable our sense of smell or the signalling cascades employed by immune cells in our body to identify infective pathogens. A good example of complex sensory signal processing would be what goes on in our brain which lets us identify a familiar face even when most of it is hidden behind a curtain. We are interested in understanding the performance limits of molecular sensing, i.e. limits of sensitivity, accuracy, tolerance to interference and so on. The creation of molecular sensors operating at the ultimate limits of performance may allow early detection of dreaded diseases such as cancer before it grows to the point when intervention is not possible. The links on this page provide further details of current research projects in our group.